What Happens to a Small Business Without a Website

A recent Forbes magazine article cited a survey showing that 52% of small businesses still do not have a website. While some small business owners may believe that they are too small and local to really need an internet presence or that they lack sufficient technical savvy to build and maintain a website, the fact remains that not having a website means losing out on potentially enormous profits.

Still think you don’t need a website? Here’s what happens to small businesses that don’t have one:
You lose out to the competition. The days are gone when local residents needing to purchase a particular item or service asked a neighbor for a recommendation over the back fence. Today, people simply access the web browser on their mobile phones or type a search query into Google or another search engine on their computers. Will your small business show up on their search results? Probably not if you don’t have a website! What your potential customers will find, however, are your competitors’ websites. You’ve just lost a customer.
You lose out on word-of-mouth advertising. The best advertising is still a satisfied customer. But how do you tell a friend, family member or coworker about a favorite business? You give them the business’ web address! “Here, let me show you on my cell phone. Oh, wait… Looks like they don’t have a website.”
You lose the ability to toot your own horn. An expensive ad in the telephone directory just doesn’t cut it anymore. Local residents who want to compare the offerings of area small businesses look on their computers, not in the Yellow Pages. So you offer more services than your competitors at a better price? Most people will never know.
You lose out in every demographic. You may think that the internet and social media are mostly for kids. Sure, young people today have grown up with technology. Can your small business really afford to lose out on the teens and twentysomethings who may become lifelong customers? But let’s look at the real cost. The truth is that it’s not just the kids we’re talking about. These days, your mom has an account on Facebook and your grandma probably surfs the web. Can you really afford to lose all those customers?
The bottom line is that a small business without a website is essentially invisible.
Contact NFINITY Web Solutions today to learn more. Plans starting at $99/mo. info@nfinityweb.com or call us at 801-803-6488.

Saving For Your Child’s College Education

A Guide to Saving for Children’s College Education

When you think of saving for future expenses, the cost of educating your children is one of the most important financial needs that you should consider. College education does not come cheap and educating your son or daughter in a little known institution rarely has much value.

There are two aspects to saving for college that make it a much more attainable target than retirement saving. A look at current costs of education at a college of repute will tell you how much you will need in present day. With some research, you can find out how the cost has kept pace with inflation in the past. This will help you estimate how the fees and costs may look in the future, with fair accuracy.

You know exactly when you will need the funds so you also have a clear idea of the duration within which your investments and savings will have to yield the final sum. Unlike your retirement fund, your college fund has a specific target in dollars as well as a clear time limit. This is a great advantage when you need to pick and choose investment options to build the fund.

Starting Early in Life

Beginning your kids’ college fund early in your career gives you a clear advantage. The sooner you start accumulating funds, the better returns you gain, thanks to compound interest. In fact, if you are lucky enough to start investing during an economic boom you may build up your college fund well before the deadline. Then you can shift the investment to safe avenues like bonds so that they continue to earn steady income while being protected from the vagaries of the economy.

Using Stocks to Get the Best Returns

Many experts advise using stocks to build your college fund. Stocks offer the best returns of all investment options when you look at long term returns. Since your need for the college fund is still years away, you can afford to make optimal use of these high return investment avenues to build up the college fund with a much smaller initial investment portfolio.

Investing in 529 Plans

A 529 plan is one of the most frequently used avenues to create a college fund. There are many benefits to saving with these plans. Anyone can contribute to the account and claim full tax rebate on the earnings here. If your child does not opt for a college education, you can simply move the accumulated sum into the account of other family members. People with any income level can open and maintain a 529 plan without restrictions of any kind.

The money in this account can be used for the child’s education at any age. The government encourages saving for higher education by offering tax rebates on the money you pay towards your child’s tuition. These varied benefits make it easy for you to achieve your target quickly and easily so that your child is assured of the best possible education from reputed institutions when he comes of age.

How to start a second hand clothes business

second hand clothesThe market for starting a second hand clothing business is always a strong one. It doesn’t take a lot of work to set up, and you could be making some decent money pretty quickly. There are a few areas you need to focus on and these are as follows:


Obviously, the first thing you will need to do is to find an appropriate location for you to open your second hand business. Now this could be an actual storefront in some sort of shopping centre (most expensive), a flea market (lots of competition, but much cheaper) or an online storefront (very cheap, potentially harder to attain customers initially). Once you have decided on how and where you are going to present your store to your customers, you can move on.

Target Market

Who are you trying to sell clothes to? You need to know this before you can buy used clothing in bulk, because you need to know what type you think you can sell best. For example, if your target market is plus size male clothing, and your entire store is catered to that demographic, nobody will likely think to buy children’s clothing from your store. A lot of these stores don’t necessarily specialise though.

How will you get your product?

To start a used clothes store, you will obviously need to get your hands on some used clothes. There are a few ways to go about this, with the correct answer being to utilise as many sources as possible, at least for starters. You can buy used clothes via a consignment store, from friends and family, from estate sales as well as various online entities such as eBay or form a second hand clothes wholesaler. There are no wrong answers, just different profit margins.

Work out the legal stuff

Talk to someone with legal knowhow (officials, etc) to sort out all of the permits and licenses you may need to open your store. This is also a good time to talk to some sort of insurance agency as well to determine what kind of cover you will be seeking.

Dress your store

On top of the actual clothes, you will need racks, stands, mannequins and hangars to show and store your product. You also need to make sure you have a register for taking money as well as shopping bags. Once you have all of this, you will need to dress your store, to make it match the vision that you first had when wanting to open a store. If you are opening an online store, most of this is unnecessary.


Once everything is ready to go, you need to get the word out there about your business. Word of mouth is great, but flyers and ads in newspapers and the like work great for start up businesses. Online advertising is also a great way to get prospective buyers, especially if you are selling your product online. You can always set up a website or a blog where you will post any updates and news regarding your products or services.

Make money!

That’s it! You have done everything you need to open a used clothes business and start making some serious cash. It’s not as difficult as you might think it is. Work hard, be smart and think positive! For more information please read how to set up a profitable store article.

Passover vacation resorts should not be hard to find

Remaining home with your relatives for Pesach is enjoyable, but leaving for Gateways Pesach is even more exciting. For a long times i never liked to leave for Passover and constantly wished to stay at home for Seder and take joy in the whole family and inviting visitors, up until last year when i was required to leave my home for Passover cause of an issue that ended up with a fantastic Passover vacations holiday in Florida. Wow, absolutely nothing like that. This year you can be certain you will find me in one of those Passover getawyas that have every little thing from a public Seder night to all week events for me and the children.

Later that mid-day the children ventures began. they had art classes, story time, swimming pool time and just numerous amount of things to do one after the other. I can tell you i did not hear any thing from my children for 5 hours, at some point I began to get concerned … generally at home the wining begins right after one hour, lol. The children were so amused it was just unbelievable.

Passover hotelsLater on in the evening hours began the second night of Pesach with an additional fantastic seder meal that lasted till 3am, boy did we did a lot of drinks that night …, the service was excellent, the meal was out of this world and the company was just fabulous. We meet people from California, local for Miami and even Chicago, all at one table. It was just past what I would ever anticipate.

For the rest of the week the events just did not end for a second, the food buffets several times a day kept us full and impressed each time. The 10 days were just a fancy getaway with all the things we needed for Passover including very high specifications of Kosher supervision, a local Shul, daily clases, kids events and i can go on an on.

One of the highlights was that the children were just so amused it was unbelievable, they had the time of there life’s. With gorgeous rooms and awesome views we did not want to go home …

Afterward I stated that “next year, I know where I’m going”, no question that this was the 1st time away for Passover but certainly not the final. This year i’m on the search for our next get-away resort so stay tuned cause I will be discussing all the locations I spotted and looked into to find the best Passover hotels

And last but not least, every year I have a hard time finding a good place to eat out. I don’t think that because it’s Passover i have to stay at home. There are plenty of Kosher restaurants that are kosher for Pesach and they should not be hard to find. This year I can highly recommend using a website called findakosherrestaurant.com to locate any kosher establishment in the world and they have a great iPhone and Android (free) app to help with this job, check them out!


Long Island Pumpkin farms

When you are in Long Island Urban area you need to ensure that you recognize ways to enjoy yourself and appreciate yourself without investing way too much cash. As opposed to determining not to take place vacation due to expenses you can spending plan your cash while on vacation. I found that Pumpkin picking long island is a great activity.

If you are visiting Long Island in the fall you will have the ability to take part in several tasks that are economical. There is a whole lot to see in the urban area that will allow you to stay within your budget plan. This season enjoy Great pumpkin picking long island offers.



The foliage in long island in the fall is attractive. Great time for pumpkin picking in Long Island. Most the trees in the park shed their green and the trees transform to red, orange and yellow throughout the whole park during the autumnal equinox months.

You can walk or a run around a 1.58 mile keep track of that borders the Central Park Reservoir. Having a barbecue in the park during these months is also extremely attractive and you could stop to get your picnic meals and materials from Eli’s Vinegar Manufacturing plant.

, if you are in the park during the first week of November you will certainly desire to stop for your picnic in the Ramble.. It is during this month that the ginkgo trees appear to lose all of their leaves in a very brief quantity of time.

When you are in the park in the long run of October you wish to make certain that you sit in the open meadow that is located listed below the Belvedere Castle. The black tupelo plants permit their red leaves drop during this time.

If you are going to hang around in the park in the autumn you wish to make certain you are planned for the weather. Seek out the weather prior to you leave your accommodation room to make sure that you are visiting have the ability to stay amazing or cozy.

Often, the weather condition in the autumn can be erratic. You may have a couple of days where you can feel the lasting result of summertime and you might have a couple of where you could really feel the onset of wintertime coming.

Throughout the fall there are many various bistros in the location that start to serve the city’s favorite home cooking. The hearty food that Hamburger and Barrel provides is preferred as individuals are trying to find some food that will certainly adhere to the bones.

This bar has hearty burgers and meatballs as well as a vast variety of whiskeys. When you are searching for meals that are going to keep you pleased throughout the day you have to take the time to find them out.

Preparation your holiday around the Macy’s day parade may be a fantastic alternative. There are a bunch of individuals that involve the city just so that they could see the parade and the balloon inflation take area prior to the march.

The march performs Thanksgiving holiday Eve and volunteers from Macy’s and New Jacket’s Stevens Principle of Modern technology blow up these impressive balloons. The balloons are designed a Stevens Principle of Technology.

The balloon procession leads with 81st and 77th roads starting in the late mid-day. There are several different means that you can watch the parade, but if you can rack up a seat above the celebrations you will have the ideal seats in your home.

If you are visiting be in New york city before Thanksgiving holiday you may wish to think about training to run in the Nyc Urban area marathon. There are a bunch of people that do not comprehend the vastness of this marathon.

Over 100,000 people authorize up for this marathon every year and it is just one of the biggest worldwide. There are individuals that fly throughout oceans to be able to keep up this large of a team of individuals and really feel the energy that emanates from the people.

The marathon occurs on November 7th each year. If you are a distance runner and you are in New York during this time you will certainly be cheating yourself if you do not attempt to register for the run before you reach the urban area.

Registering for the run needs to be done much in development. There are numerous individuals every year that are not able to register for the run because they sign up late and there are no spots left for them when they attempt to sign up.

Put in the time to intend out your vacation in New york city to ensure that you have the ability to enjoy your task as well as get back without being broke.

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Fall Farm Festival

Looking for great action this fall? come to visit white post farms in Melville (Long Island, New York) they run the fall farm festival for six week where you can enjoy the best pumpkin farms long island has to offer. Acres and acres of pumpkin patch long island can handle. When i say acres, you’re looking at thousands and thousands of pumpkins you can pick and take home. Just that you’ll see what i mean, check out this amazing video about the pumpkin farm



Now that you saw a bit about the long island pumpkin patch let me tell you about the farm and the festival. Not only that white post farms has the best pumpkin farm in Long Island and New York state it has so much attractions and things to do that all ages of the family will have a great time.

White post farms is known to be a great place to hand out and relax, kids love coming to the farm and visiting again and again. My kids just love it there, there is so much to do and every time we return they get excited again. The fall farm festival is such a great experience, last year we really had and amazing time. Great shows, tons of activities like hayrides, pumpkin painting, face painting, pumpkin picking, rides, animals, it’s just such an amazing place to spend the day.

There is something for everyone to do, kids adults and even grand parents will have something to do in the Long Island pumpkin farm and you are welcome to come over and over. We have a huge pumpkin patch, walk around and pick the one you want, there are thousands to choose from of all sizes. Large, small and medium, you are sure to find the pumpkin of your choice, after all white post farms has the largest verity of pumpkins from all the pumpkin farms in long island. After coming to the farm and picking your pumpkin you are welcome to enjoy all the activities in the long island fall farm festival for the same admission cost. The festival is full of fun, action and activities. The are shows, magic show, dog shows, pig shows and more. You can enjoy bouncers, playgrounds, pony rides and so much fun. Since the farm has tons of pumpkins you get to color on a pumpkin and take it home with you. When visiting the long island fall festival you are guaranteed to have a memorable day for years to come, with so much to do you’ll probably have to return a few times. You’ll also find much more to do in the farm, there is an animal farm full of animals you can fee, pet and touch. There is a huge bird aviary with hundreds of birds yo can hand feed, hold and enjoy. The birds actually land on your hand while you hold a feeding stick and some times a few birds land on you at the same time. This is a one of a kind experience that will make anyone excited and happy.



Fun things to do on long island

Fun things to do on long island

Summer is here and you need to get the kids out of the house, well, I have found the perfect place for you. White post farms in Melville Long Island (that is New York). They have TONS of activities your kids will not have enough of and will want to come back again and again. Check out this video below to see all the great Fun things to do on long island

Now that you saw how much fun there is to do there, check out these few more videos below that really show the activities and options your kids can enjoy.

I went to white post farms several times and my kids just LOVE it there. there is so much to do, so many different activities and the kids just have the time of there lives.




White post farms is located in Long Island right in the heart of Melville. You can find directions to the farm in this link. They have tons of free parking and very easy access from all major highways, so that makes your arrival much easier and comfortable.

This is the best petting zoo and animal feeding farm in New York, you are sure to have a blast, you can feed the animals and pet them. There are farm animals but also exotic animal such as Zebras, Lama’s, Kangaroos and so much more. They also have an amazing bird Aviary where you can hold and feed birds, just amazing activities for kids. For the best experience visit the long island zoo you and the kids and you are sure to have an unforgettable day with memories for a life time in this great spot. Access is easy, tons of free parking and lots of fun. Some to make your life better….come on down to white post farms in Melville, you are sure to have the time of your life. With so many amazing reviews you are sure to enjoy every second of the day and don’t forget your camera as you will want to take hundreds of pictures and video to remember this unforgettable day. We do the utmost efforts to ensure your visit is beyond a success and and that every moment is unforgettable.



Kosher restaurants in New York City

Kosher restaurants in New York City


So, you have decided to eat out in New York and tonight we’re eating Kosher. Hmmm, now comes the problem, why you ask, simple, there are probably couple thousands of restaurants in New York City but how the heck do you know which one is Kosher…..?

So I have done a LONG research on this question and found the sources you need to use when you are looking for Kosher restaurants in new york city. The first thing you need to do is know more about Kosher certifications and you can learn about it in this helpful website ok.org. And why is this SO important? because before you choose a restaurant to go to, you want to make sure the supervision is in high standards and answers your needs. Each restaurant has a different certification, some are more strict and some are less. It becomes more tricky when you go to a meat restaurant as the certification of meat is totally different and important than all other food types. In any case you must make a good research (in case you don’t know yet…) what are the certifications that are out there and which ones you honer and except.


Choose wisely….

With so many Kosher restaurants out there, how do you know which one is good, which one has great service and which one is open exactly when and where you want to be. The best way to do that is to search in a reputable directory that already made that research for you and has a great amount of reviews from people like you. One of them that I found is a great guide for Kosher restaurants in New York that has i think all if not 90% of all kosher restaurants in New York. It has long descriptions on each restaurant and all the info you need to know such as:

  • Kosher certification 
  • Hours of operation, location and contact number
  • Their menu
  • Pictures of the place and dishes
  • Map and directions
  • And much much more

I mean you really can’t go wrong when you use a good directory to locate kosher restaurants in New York, you get all the info you need to know about each place. Also always remember that each person has a different experience in restaurants  some times you can have a great waitress and enjoy the service and some times you end up having a waitress that had a bad day and she takes out all her anger on you and you end up not enjoying the meal or the restaurant and then go a leave a bad review on one of the social networks or review sites. So the same way, you fall for every review you read and disqualify just any restaurant you read something bad about. Always ask your friends or family if they know the restaurant and if they had a good experience  I know sometimes i rather ignore a bad service place if I know the food is out of this world!

Click on this link to find all the info you need to know about this great city of New York.

Kids birthday parties in Long Island

Kids birthday parties Long Island

Being a kid is the best, I would do anything to be back a kid again. My favorite part of childhood was my birthday, wow, i waited all year round for this special day. I loved the presents, the attention and most of all the party.

My most special childhood memories were my birthdays.  I waited the
entire year impatiently and dreamed about my special day.  I must say
I was never disappointed as my parents covered all bases.  They
scrapped and saved all year as I awaited my big day with baited
breath.  I knew that on that day, I would receive all the gifts I had
even thought of that year.  I knew I would see the extended family and
we would just get together and belly laugh for hours. I knew that the
day would really be all about me.

After this short great video you gotta check out this one. Wow what a great place. those lucky kids!!!

My most memorable birthday was the year I turned seven. My parents
really wanted to surprise and although i had only mentioned my love
for this furry little creature on a few occasions, my parents realized
how much I really wanted a puppy and they secretly brought this love
of my life into the home the morning of my birthday.

I have no idea how they kept it from me. But they presented this
unforgettable life-changing present in the sweetest way.

I remember sitting around the birthday cake and hearing Happy
Birthday, I remember blowing out my candle and wishing that I could
have furry little friend.  As I closed my eyes, my parent threw a ball
in to the yard and little ol’ Pooch came running out.

I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, my very own dog.
I spent the rest of my party holding and getting to know my new found
friend and spent the rest of my childhood in pure bliss.

Yep, I will always remember my seventh birthday party.  And, pretty
soon my little girl will be turning seven.  She knows the story and
she always remind me of that special day.  I hope to pass on the
happiness with a Pooch of her own.

After viewing these there videos I am now convinced that white post farms is indeed the best and truly is the best Kids Birthday Party Places Long Island and you’ll really waist your time if you search for any other place. Trust me, with five young kids in my household, yea, i have five kids…., and i know what i am saying when i talk about kids parties as i did and will do a lot of them. So when all the information you have makes sense and the location is perfect, the access is easy, the price is fair and the service is beyond amazing, how can you go wrong?

So from all of the Kids Party Places Long Island you got a winner here. Save your time an headache. Take the time to check out these 3 videos, i have placed a link below for you to view them on Youtube

Kids Birthday Parties Long Island
Kids Birthday Party Places Long Island
Kids Party Places Long Island

Best Passover vacations

Leisure Time Tours has been a recognized specialist in Glatt Kosher Passover programs for over 50 years. Due to their high standard in creativity, service and professionalism. This year they will be offering Kosher for Pesach luxury holiday vacations all over the world including hotels in Florida, Arizona, New York & Venice Italy and many other location.


Passover Getaways is for anyone who has ever dreamt of blending the strictest standards of kashrut with the most exacting demands in luxury. The result of decades of experience, one of the foremost Passover vacation specialists in the country, Grand Getaways represents the pinnacle of service and skill. As Alan is proud to say: “No request is too great and no need is too small.”
Bringing families together in a warm atmosphere, Alan and his experienced staff at Grand Getaways ensure that parents, grandparents, and children of all ages will have their needs met 24/7 according to Passover tradition.
So if you are looking for the best Passover Vacations in any spot in the world, this website will guide you and help you find the perfect dream vacation resort this holiday.

Passover 2013 is here

Passover 2014 is right around the corner. Every year I scrub and scrub then scrub some even more to get to that night when we all sit together and get delicacies like horseradish, onions dipped in saltwater and lots of matzah. It doesn’t seem like much, however when plugged in to the almighty, its experiencing the exodus in actuality until we are released and walking through the Red Sea in all its magnificence. Without disrespecting the awesomeness of Passover, this year I chose a different path.

Last year we were on a cruise for Passover and it was astonishing, the food was scrumptious, the accommodations were past exactly what I had anticipated and the crowd was terrific. My kids were happy and had fun morning till evening. I was just happy to sit and breath unpolluted fresh air as I appreciated the vacation completely.

hotel room
Unnecessary to say as much as i appreciate being at residence, escaping for the hardest vacation is a gift anybody can make use of. I will highly advise anybody to consider a passover getaway, it’s great for you, for your family and for everybody envolved. Just last week I talked with my friend who also took a trip last year for Pesach and she said it saved her marriage as her husband was going bananas and these 2 weeks break gave them both some time to think and get closer once more and what do you know … everyone is pleased once again.
This year be smart, be ready to go ahead and prepare right and I a sure you with a little search you can discover the ideal location for you to relax and enjoy a perfect spring holiday whether it’s someplace close to your home or as far as Mexico or Hawaii. Personally I love staying near house, maybe 4-5 hours drive the Most.
If you want you a wonderful holiday period and a Happy Pesach and you desire to learn more and find out a whole lot more about Passover 2014 go to this website to find more passover vacations resorts
Passover is the time of year when you prepare months ahead of time, budgeting for added cleansing help, food to feed the family and extended household and buddies, and spread the spiritual experience over a period of months scouring and springtime cleaning. They call it springtime cleansing, however for Jews it is much even more than that.
Going on a passover vacation will be no cleaning, no food preparation just pure rest and relaxation and time well spent with the family free of any distractions.

Great Kosher for Passover Recipes

Kosher for Pesach Recipes are hard to find so I found this website to help you discover extremely easy and terrific recipes and ideas. No reason to remain famished this holiday and why must you just eat banana’s … Ha Ha … So you could quickly make fantastic dishes and meals that are 100% Kosher for Passover and these Passover Recipes all taste remarkable. No doubt you’ll take your guests by surprise when you serve these incredible meals when all they are anticipating is nothing special at all….

If you’re searching for an outstanding recipe for the best Matzo Brei in the world you need to try this one. Have you ever before thought roasted cherries will make it the winner. WOW, when i discovered this dish I was so happy as me and my family love these dishes and I think the rest of the world ADORES LIKES LOVES Matzo brei and everyone eats it. here you can find one of a kind dish that will floor you and your visitors and if you merely follow the short instructions you are sure to be the Kosher for Passover kitchen queen! Count on me, i took this dish and followed it carefully and i did not need to wash the plates as everybody sucked them dry…
Matzo brei, a favored at the Passover table and a routine menu item at Jewish delicatessens, could be served sweet or savory. This sweet variation begins with crushed matzo softened with water and blended with eggs. The combination is then stuffed into a buttery pan and fried on the stove top until browned and crispy. Piece it into wedges, sprinkle it with cinnamon-sugar, and spoon on an easy topping of roasted cherries seasoned with vanilla and orange for a delicious kosher morning meal
These easy to make recipes are great for dairy dishes. Very easy to make and does not require much time, effort and ingredients. Simply follow the instruction below and make sure you use good and fresh ingredients. Needles to say to need to make sure all your ingredients are Kosher for Passover…. don’t forget that. And stick to the recipe as it’s easy to follow and very simple and that is what will guarantee your success to have this yummy dish ready. So click here for great Passover Recipes.